Combining Large-Firm Experience With Small-Firm Attention

At Valenti Hanley PLLC, we provide the sophisticated and experienced representation of a large firm with the individualized and attentive service of a small firm. Our team of business law attorneys offers an impressive background of large-firm experience and high-quality education. We frame this skilled representation with small-firm care and attention.

We take the time to understand your business's unique goals and priorities. With our size, we are able to tailor legal advice that meets those objectives in a cost-effective manner.

To arrange a consultation to discuss your case with our experienced team, please contact our Louisville office today at 502-410-3882 or toll free at 866-617-6209.

Comprehensive Business Law Services

We do not attempt to be everything to everyone. We have the resources and bandwidth, however, to represent out-of-state clients locally in business disputes within the state of Kentucky. We are able to provide useful and knowledgeable service, overseeing the protection of our clients' interests at every stage.

We represent a comprehensive range of businesses and individuals positioned in a variety of industries and professions in whatever business law disputes they may encounter, from basic contract disputes to, for example, more sophisticated securities law matters.

Strategies Tailored To Meet Your Needs

Our representation is closely tailored to the exact needs and business objectives of our clients. We invest the time to develop a keen understanding of those goals, and it becomes our business to advance your interests through focused legal guidance. Through critical thinking and attention to detail, we will keep the case headed towards an efficient and cost-effective solution. When possible, we will resolve the case early through negotiation or mediation. If an advantageous outcome is unavailable by these means, however, we are a litigation firm ready to take the matter to court.

We work within the budgetary constraints of our clients, providing manageable fees. Our small size allows us to keep overhead costs low and focus our clients' resources directly toward the legal concern at hand.