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You must be comfortable with your investment portfolio

When you decide that it is time to invest, your investment style has to be a factor in what your advisor chooses for your portfolio. Typically, they will try to determine whether you have a preference for aggressive or conservative investing. These are two very different options, but there are some benefits to having a mixed portfolio.

Protect your investments by keeping a close eye on your portfolio

Investors should be able to count on their financial advisors to do what is in their clients' best interests. While many of them do what they should, there are some who are very self-serving. Instead of advising clients about what is best for the investor, they look at things from a selfish perspective and try to do what is going to make them the most money. In some cases, they will even take money that the investor thought was being added to their portfolio.

How does the law protect elderly investors from financial fraud?

While anyone can get scammed by a financial advisor, elderly people are particularly vulnerable to being taken advantage of in financial transactions. With that in mind, the Kentucky government established the Elder Investment Fraud and Financial Exploitation (EIFFE) Prevention program.

What constitutes a breach of fiduciary duty in investment law?

Investment advisors often have a fiduciary obligation to their clients. Depending on the nature of the relationship between the client and the advisor, this fiduciary obligation could be stronger in some cases. When a broker or advisor is dishonest and makes decisions for their client that are not in the client's best interests, the advisor will have breached their fiduciary obligations and could be financially liable for the damages caused by this breach.

Keep a close eye on your investments so you can act quickly

You have the right to expect that your financial advisor is going to do what is best for your financial future. You shouldn't have to worry about your investments just because you aren't watching these accounts daily. The problem that sometimes comes up is that investment professionals might not always behave in a way that is best for their clients.

Dips in the stock market are a good time to re-examine strategies

The cyclical impact of the stock market makes it hard for new investors to gauge what is going on with their investments. You've probably heard that it is best to hang onto the investments you have during the dips. However, it can be hard not to panic when you see the account value starting to drop. There are several things you can do to protect yourself in these cases.

What are some questions to ask a potential investment advisor?

Keeping your investments in order is sometimes a challenge. It is imperative that you find a financial advisor who is right for your needs. This is especially true if your investments are complex or if your financial situation is complicated.

4 signs that you need to walk away from a financial advisor

Trying to find a good financial advisor is a difficult task. Many people narrow down their search by deciding to work with someone only after receiving a recommended from a trusted friend or family member. Listening to this advice is a good start but you should also pay attention to how the advisor interacts with you.

Disclosures provide vital information about financial advisers

Trying to decide on a financial adviser is a huge undertaking. You need to make sure that you find one who can work with your style and who has your best interests in mind. Unfortunately, there are some that are only out for their own financial gain, which can harm your finances.

Don't stand for unethical behavior from your advisor

As an investor, you count on your advisors to do things that are in your best interest. You certainly don't think that they are going to be acting selfishly with your money. When you do find out that they aren't behaving in an ethical manner, you need to take action. We can represent you in situations like this.

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