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Viable businesses and corporations depend on understandable terms of agreements, such as shareholder and partnership agreements. Limited liability companies sometimes run into trouble when members disagree on how to manage resources, who should do what in those companies and how allegations of unethical actions should be addressed.

At Valenti Hanley PLLC of Louisville, our partnership dispute and shareholder dispute attorneys are deeply knowledgeable about these conflicts, as well as LLC member disputes and business valuation disagreements.

Addressing Kentucky Businesses’ Internal Disputes

We are equipped to handle all matters related to partnership disputes and LLC member disputes, including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Breach of partnership agreements
  • Wind downs
  • Business dissolutions
  • Operating agreement controversies
  • Accusations of piercing the corporate veil

We consult with appropriate experts and knowledgeable professionals to investigate any peripheral issues involved in any internal dispute.

Preventing Disruptions Over Shareholder Disputes

Our Louisville business law attorneys provide skilled, determined representation for shareholders when conflicts such as these develop or escalate:

  • Conflicts over minority interests and the rights of minority shareholders
  • Squeeze-outs of minority shareholders
  • Unauthorized sale of securities
  • Disputed sale of shares
  • Disagreements over business buy-sell agreements
  • Stock restriction agreements
  • Subscription agreements

Having worked with dozens of companies, we have seen firsthand the havoc that operations disruptions can cause on an entity’s success. We prioritize prevention and fast resolution as strongly as possible while holding your bottom line.

Fighting For Fair Business Valuation

Business valuation plays a pivotal role in many Louisville partnership disputes and Louisville shareholder disputes. An accurate valuation provides a fair and objective picture of a company’s worth, which is essential when disagreements arise over the value of shares or ownership stakes. Partnership and shareholder disputes are, in fact, two of the most common reasons for requesting a business valuation. An accurate appraisal can provide much-needed clarity for a successful settlement, rather than litigation.

Attorneys are instrumental in this process. Our Kentucky business lawyers use business appraisals to inform settlement strategies and, if necessary, to present cogent arguments in court. A knowledgeable business attorney can guide business owners through the appraisal process, help select a qualified appraiser and ensure that the methodology used for the valuation is appropriate for the specific circumstances of the dispute. Our team regularly collaborates with a roster of esteemed outside professionals, such as business valuators, appraisers and forensic accountants. We also advocate tenaciously for your best interests during the appraisal and afterward.

Common Questions About Louisville Partnership Disputes And Shareholder Disputes

Keeping a business running smoothly takes effort on everyone’s part. Different stakeholders may have different ideas on how best to accomplish business goals, however. The following are some common questions our shareholder and partnership disputes attorneys receive regarding Louisville partnership or shareholder disputes.

What are some of the most common causes of partnership disputes?

Just like any relationship, business partners are bound to disagree about things from time to time. Some disagreements are minor and can be resolved with a quick discussion. Others could include serious allegations of mishandling the business, resulting in a lawsuit. Common disputes stem from:

  • Financial disagreements regarding how to invest or spend money
  • Authority disagreements regarding who oversees what in running the business
  • Vision and mission disagreements regarding your goals for the future
  • Workload disagreements regarding how much time and effort each partner is expected to contribute
  • Breach of fiduciary duty regarding violations of a partner’s duty of care toward the company

What are some ways that, right from the start, business partners can try to avoid costly disputes?

A strong partnership agreement is key to success. The same goes for a strong shareholder agreement. Having detailed conversations about management and expectations at the outset can help prevent misunderstandings and disputes down the road. Work with an experienced business lawyer to create your governing documents and be sure to include a method for resolving disagreements so they do not balloon into a serious issue.

When should a shareholder bring a lawsuit, and when is it preferable to work it out?

If you simply disagree with a legitimate business decision, negotiation or mediation could help you resolve the issue. On the other hand, if an officer or director has breached their duty of care to the company in a way that is damaging to the company, it may be time to seek legal advice about bringing either a shareholder derivative suit or a direct lawsuit.

What is the best way to handle a dispute that concerns a family-owned business?

Of course, every situation is different, and you may find that a lawsuit is the only option. When possible, however, mediation can be especially effective for members of a family-owned business. Mediation uses a third-party neutral to help the parties resolve their differences outside of the courtroom. This process can help protect important personal relationships while resolving business disagreements.

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