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Confidential Representation For Public Agencies

At Valenti Hanley PLLC, our attorneys maintain a long-standing relationship with some of the most significant and well-recognized lobbyists in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and have worked with them in solving problems on behalf of clients in a number of industries. If you have business-related issues that may involve the intersection of a legal and governmental affairs matter, contact one of our attorneys today.

We are qualified to assist you in establishing a team of attorneys and lobbyists that will effectively represent your business in order to solve its governmental affairs/legal issues. This includes:

  • Zoning and subdivision matters
  • Ordinance disputes, rules and regulations
  • Water, wastewater and utility service commitments
  • Developer Participation Agreements for public-private infrastructure
  • Purchase or lease agreements
  • Traffic-related disputes or right of way access

A Trusted Approach Rooted In Extensive Professional Insight

Our lawyers represent a wide spectrum of clients in these governmental and public affairs matters. This includes municipalities, lobbyists, public agencies and semipublic agencies. Semipublic agencies hold a charter that is through the state legislature. We have represented such agencies as the Kentucky Lottery Corporation and the Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation.

These entities and organizations have come to trust our firm for its sophisticated and individualized approach, as well as our attorneys’ keen understanding of the legal issues at hand. We also possess the perspective and insight to anticipate future issues that may arise, providing creative and tailored solutions to steer our clients past these potential obstacles.

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