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Comprehensive, Proactive Employment Law Representation

At Valenti Hanley PLLC in Louisville, Kentucky, our employment law attorneys help employers develop and maintain productive long-term relationships and workplace interaction with their employees. We help employers avoid and overcome conflict through effective employment contracts and manuals, negotiations of employment matters and resolution of disputes. Our employment law attorneys also represent employees who have been legitimately wronged in the workplace, such as through unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment or breach of contract.

Contact a lawyer from our firm to discuss your employment law needs. We can provide one-on-one attention as we address your employment law concerns.

We Have Insight Into The Issue From Both Sides Of The Table

Employers and employees have the desire to carry out their business goals and job duties in a healthy working environment, free from conflict, discrimination and other negativity. Our representation of employers and employees is comprehensive, offering proactive representation in employment issues that include the following:

  • Noncompete agreements, including representation in litigation and advice about restrictions on non-compete agreements
  • Employee manuals and handbooks, including drafting and reviewing manuals
  • Employment contracts, including contract drafting, reviewing and negotiating for physicians and other professionals in the health care and other industries
  • Defending employers against claims of wrongful termination, discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) violations
  • Sexual harassment
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) disputes
  • Wage and hour disputes

Employers and employees rely on our firm for legal advice regarding what they can and cannot do. A large part of our employment law representation consists of providing employers with procedures that help them avoid legal problems. The long-term relationships we form with clients ensure they feel comfortable and confident approaching our firm with their legal concerns.

Contact Our Firm For Reliable Guidance

We are also available to provide assistance to employees seeking an advocate when they suspect that they are being treated unfairly at work. We have a deep understanding of these matters and can provide individualized guidance and representation. Call Valenti Hanley PLLC at toll free 866-617-6209.