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Exceptional and accessible legal representation across Kentucky and Nationwide


Did Your Moderate Risk Growth and Income Portfolio Tank in Value While the Market Continued to Go Up? That May Be Due to the Malfeasance of Your Broker and Brokerage Firm Rather than Simple Bad Luck.

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We are investigating claims by investors, particularly the elderly and retirees, who suffered steep losses in their accounts as a result of recommendations by brokers to purchase the following securities during 2014-2016 : Breitburn Energy, Horsehead Holding, NOW, Inc., Linn Energy, Cypress Energy, Ocwen Financial, Prospect Capital, and Fannie Mae Preferred Shares. Many of these companies paid no dividends or stopped paying dividends, were highly leveraged with debt, and some went bankrupt.

In February of 2018, Michael A. Valenti secured an arbitration award from a panel of arbitrators appointed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority in the amount of $445,000 on behalf of an elderly client who suffered steep losses by the actions of her broker and his firm in purchasing the securities of many of these companies in her accounts. The award was against Christopher Duke Bennett and the brokerage firm of Hilliard Lyons based in Louisville KY, and was based on claims of unsuitable stock recommendations and unauthorized trading. If you suffered large losses in your account based on similar conduct by Christopher Bennett or other brokers at either Hilliard Lyons or other firms, please contact Michael A. Valenti or James P. McCrocklin at Valenti Hanley PLLC 866-617-6209 or 866-617-6209.

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