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Investment advisers must behave ethically or clients can suffer

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2018 | Representing Investors |

Making investments isn’t for the weak-hearted. There are some instances in which you can lose massive sums of money. You might hope for the best, but the market is unpredictable. While it is often tolerable to lose money due to factors like a dip in the market or a sudden drop in the price of a stock, you should never have to worry about a loss due to your financial adviser acting in an unethical manner.

Unfortunately, there are times when these advisers might do things that shouldn’t be done with your account. There are several behaviors that can fall under this category. Here are a few:

  • Making unauthorized transactions
  • Excessively trading or churning your accounts
  • Failing to disclose the risks
  • Giving you unsuitable recommendations
  • Breaching fiduciary duty
  • Failing to supervise broker-dealer agents

We know that you never imagined that the person you trusted with your portfolio would act in these reprehensible ways. When it does happen, you might be in disbelief, but that will probably quickly move toward anger. It is imperative that you react in a manner that can help you if you decide to recover the loss.

If you notice any red flags that make you think your account isn’t being handled properly, you should act quickly. Take a look at your accounts and statements. Determine if your feeling is right. If it is, we can help you find out what options you have at your disposal to address the matter. Be sure you take action quickly since there are likely legal time limits that will apply to your case.

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