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Don’t let an unethical broker or financial adviser cost you

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2019 | Representing Investors |

As an investor, you want your money to work for you. It should grow in a way that benefits you. Of course, there is always a chance of loss when you make investments, but the decision to take that chance should be made by you –not your broker or adviser.

The financial adviser or broker you work with should offer guidance regarding your investments — but always in a way that’s appropriate to your goals. You shouldn’t ever be pressured to do something, especially if you are uncomfortable with the risk. In addition, you should never have to wonder what your broker is doing with your money. If asked, your broker should always be able to show you exactly where your money is invested and how it has been managed.

If you feel like your adviser or broker is doing things that aren’t in your best interest but in their own, it might be time to think about finding someone else to manage your investments. If you have lost money because of a broker who acted unethically, you should take legal action quickly. There isn’t any reason why you should have to deal with a monetary loss because of negligence or fraud.

When you want to take legal action in these cases, you need to have someone on your side who is familiar with these situations. It can be hard to stand up against a financial professional, but we are here to help you through the matter so that you can try to recover your losses and move on with your life. If your financial advisor has given you unsuitable advice, made unauthorized transactions or failed to warn you of the risks associated with a particular investment, please explore our site further to learn more.

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