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Misused by your firm? Don’t sacrifice your signing bonus

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | Securities Law And Litigation |

Do you feel like the broker-dealer firm you signed on with courted you with false promises? Do you feel misused by a company that you thought really valued you — enough that they even gave you a sign-on bonus?

Well, take a close look at that signing “bonus” that you were given before you decide to leave. More than likely, it functions like promissory note that you’re expected to pay if you don’t stay with the firm for a specific period. You’re really earning that “bonus” a little bit at a time during that period — which doesn’t make it much of an actual bonus. Now, on top of feeling used and misled, you feel like an indentured servant who has to buy his or her way out of the situation.

Here’s the good news: If you believe that you were misled by the broker-dealer firm, you may be able to convince the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) that forcing you to repay that bonus would be wrong — basically rewarding the company for its bad behavior.

We may be able to help. We offer experienced representation for financial advisors dealing with a broker-dealer dispute, no matter what stage of the dispute you are in. We can help you try to negotiate with the broker-dealer to exit on better terms. We can assist you through the arbitration process if you need to go through it. We also can tackle litigation, if all else fails.

Don’t try to represent yourself against a broker-dealer with much larger resources. Contact our office to learn more.

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