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Business courts promise to make litigation easier in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Representing Investors |

Business is booming in the Bluegrass State. The high rate of business formation in Kentucky, combined with the influx of existing companies’ operations into the state, is good news for local economies and would-be employees alike.

The legal system in Kentucky is working to stay ahead of the needs of these businesses because higher levels of commerce almost always brings more demand for litigation between sparring parties. This is why the state’s first business court will be gaveled into session at the beginning of 2020.

Proponents of the pilot program say business courts will enhance businesses’ confidence in their ability to access and complete litigation in a timely manner. This will in turn keep the faith of businesses already in place and continue to attract more.

“The problem on both sides is it’s too expensive and takes too long,” said a practiced business litigator. “I can tell you from my experience business courts is going to be a tremendous opportunity for both litigants and lawyers.”

The first business court will be established in Jefferson County, home of Louisville and the most populous part of Kentucky. If it is deemed successful, Lexington’s Fayette County will open the second, and the program may expand across the commonwealth, dependent on the need and cost of the courts.

In the meantime, businesses always have the right to protect their investments through litigation in civil court. An attorney can often best explain how to access these systems and represent one’s interest in them. Legal representation may even be considered a must-have for surviving and thriving in the business world.

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