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Lawsuit over name change may affect income for Kentucky fund

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Regulatory Work |

Many factors can affect an investment, which forces many savvy investors to be constantly vigilant for threats to brands as well as the operations and project of a company or subsidiary. There is a lot of support work that must be done to protect a brand, and that includes legal actions when some threats are identified and the situation warrants a trip to court.

A Kentucky organization is suing another entity after it allegedly created a name that created confusion among potential members and investors. The name was similar in nature to an organization tracking its lineage back to the earliest days of the executive office of the Bluegrass State’s government.

The organization sought a temporary restraining order (TRO) to stop the entity from using its registered name and an injunction, which would not allow it to retain the name. The entity then changed its name temporarily and claimed the original organization was claiming the name for its own exclusive commercial use.

The organization related to the state government was suspended briefly in recent years while the governor reviewed how appointees were chosen. The case will be decided by a federal court in the Western District of Kentucky.

Any business or other legal entity that needs to defend its interests should seek the representation of an attorney that can assist with the creation of a case for litigation. A lawyer can review regulations related to business names, scope and formation to determine if there is a case for civil court that may result in a conclusion that satisfies the party bringing the case.

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