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Who can legally grow cannabis in Kentucky?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2023 | Business Law |

Marijuana or cannabis laws in Kentucky have changed drastically in the last few years. Although the recreational use of cannabis is still illegal, the state has followed the example of many others by instituting a medical marijuana law.

Individuals with certain debilitating medical conditions will soon be able to obtain a physician’s recommendation for cannabis use. There will, therefore, be demand for legal cannabis products in Kentucky. Who can potentially grow cannabis without violating state law?

Patients cannot grow their own cannabis

The medical marijuana law in Kentucky does not allow individual patients to cultivate their own cannabis. Home cultivation is still not an option even if someone has a recommendation to use medical marijuana or a history of growing it illegally for personal use. Professionals will need to cooperate with the state to secure licenses to cultivate. The state has yet to release specific rules and requirements for licensing, as the program will not become operational until 2025. There may be business opportunities for individuals skilled in horticulture and those with investment funds who can establish industrial grow operations.

Hemp farmers can also grow cannabis

After years of prohibition, Kentucky now allows farmers to grow industrial hemp with low levels of the psychoactive chemical THC as a crop. Hemp has a variety of different uses, from fiber for textiles to insulation and bioplastics. Hemp seeds are also a popular health food. Farmers hoping to cultivate hemp crops will require licensing from the state to do so legally.

Complying with the evolving restrictions related to cannabis cultivation can benefit those hoping to put their horticultural skills or agricultural land to profitable use. Anyone who has questions or concerns related to this opportunity can seek legal guidance at any time.

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